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(especially in Mexico and Central America) an outlaw; bandit.


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  • Banditry

    the activities or practices of bandits. bandits collectively; banditti. Contemporary Examples There are limits to the painting of banditry and extortion as the legitimate raising of taxes. ISIS’s Futile Quest to Go Legit Jamie Dettmer January 4, 2015 Historical Examples At first, the inhabitants lived by a species of banditry, robbing the whites whenever they […]

  • Banditti

    a robber, especially a member of a gang or marauding band. an outlaw or highwayman. Informal. a person who takes unfair advantage of others, as a merchant who overcharges; swindler; cheat. a vendor, cab driver, etc., who operates a business or works without a required license or permit, and without observing the usual rules or […]

  • Bandjarmasin

    Banjermasin. a seaport on the S coast of Borneo, in Indonesia. noun former spellings of Banjarmasin

  • Bandjermasin

    Banjermasin. a seaport on the S coast of Borneo, in Indonesia. Historical Examples One of the best known and most successful in Borneo is an old man who runs a ferry across the Barito at Bandjermasin. Where the Strange Trails Go Down E. Alexander Powell

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