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Bank draft

a draft drawn by one bank on another.
Historical Examples

It will save a lot of trouble if you will have the bank draft made out in my name.
Doris Force at Locked Gates Julia K. Duncan

bank draft—An order drawn by one bank on another for the purpose of paying money.
Cyclopedia of Commerce, Accountancy, Business Administration, v. 4 Various

Send any letters and papers to the address you know in Sydney, and a bank draft for what you will find in the dollar bag.
A Modern Buccaneer Rolf Boldrewood

A bank draft is simply the bank’s cheque drawing upon its deposit with some other bank.
Up To Date Business Various

A bank draft is simply the bank’s cheque, drawn upon its deposit with some other bank.
Up To Date Business Various

All remittances to the Copyright Office should be sent by money order or bank draft.
Copyright: Its History and Its Law Richard Rogers Bowker

In the great cities of India one can get a bank draft that will be paid in any part of the world.
The Principles of Economics Frank A. Fetter

His secretary brought a bank draft on New York for ten thousand dollars and handed it to me.
Cabbages and Kings O. Henry

For several years Peter Drew had regularly forwarded her a bank draft to cover the taxes.
The Heritage of the Hills Arthur P. Hankins

a cheque drawn by a bank on itself, which is bought by a person to pay a supplier unwilling to accept a normal cheque Also called banker’s cheque


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