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Bank holiday

a weekday on which banks are closed by law; legal holiday.
British. a secular day on which banks are closed, obligations then falling due being performable on the following secular day.
Contemporary Examples

In the early morning hours of Tuesday, March 7, FDR proclaimed a four day bank holiday.
What Obama and McCain Can Learn From FDR Harold Evans October 9, 2008

And so he did, proclaiming a four-day bank holiday on March 7.
Obama’s Speech and the Burden of History Harold Evans January 19, 2009

Historical Examples

It’s apt to be unpleasant, traveling in the evening on a bank holiday.
Poor Relations Compton Mackenzie

But to-day, of course, is a half-day, because of yesterday’s bank holiday.
The Silver Box (First Series Plays) John Galsworthy

Our bank holiday Saturnalia seem a flicker of those more expensive high-jinks that went out in a snuff of scandal.
Middlesex A.R. Hope Moncrieff

One can stand that sort of thing on a summer bank holiday; one expects it.
The Big Bow Mystery I. Zangwill

It takes even a cageful of monkeys a few days to recover from a bank holiday, and for those few days trade is slack indeed.
The Strand Magazine, Volume VII, Issue 41, May, 1894 Various

But to have a bad December bank holiday is too much of a bad thing.
The Big Bow Mystery I. Zangwill

A moonlight walk on a bank holiday, a little maudlin sentiment, and over you throw all your chances in life.
A Millionaire of Yesterday E. Phillips Oppenheim

It was a bank holiday, and I walked pensively about the outskirts of a big town.
At Large Arthur Christopher Benson

(in Britain) any of several weekdays on which banks are closed by law and which are observed as national holidays


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