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Bank run

bank run

The concerted action of depositors who try to withdraw their money from a bank because they fear that the bank will fail.
Contemporary Examples

The next question is whether this triggers a bank run, with foreign deposits fleeing the country.
New Deal for Cyprus, Bank Run to Follow? Megan McArdle March 23, 2013

The minute you undermine the insurance, or dilute it, a bank run might ensue.
Cyprus on Fire? Blame the German Bullies. Daniel Gross March 18, 2013

Would a bank run spread across europe as depositors in the periphery started to seek safer havens?
European Finance Ministers Talk Tough About Bank Bailouts. Does It Matter? Megan McArdle March 25, 2013

The best way to stop a bank run, it turns out, is to insure deposits.
The Resolution of the Cyprus Banking Collapse Paves the Way for More Crises Robert Shapiro March 31, 2013

Deposit insurance is the one way we know to stop a bank run.
After Cyprus Bank Bailout, Depositors Race to Withdraw Their Cash. Is the Rest of Europe Next? Megan McArdle March 16, 2013

Historical Examples

The colony coins its own money and possesses a bank run by the boys themselves, where the colonists can deposit their savings.
Criminal Man Gina Lombroso-Ferrero

Her arrival there created a measure of popular tumult only to be equalled by a bank run or a fire alarm.
Local Color Irvin S. Cobb

What risk does the bank run if it allows him to have possession of the bill of lading indorsed in blank?
Commercial Law Samuel Williston, Richard D. Currier, and Richard W. Hill


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