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a village in central Scotland: site of the victory (1314) of the Scots under Robert the Bruce over the English, which assured the independence of Scotland.
Contemporary Examples

It appears that the wars that started on the fields of Bannockburn and Stirling have come to America.
‘Many of the Militiamen Here are Ethnic Scots-Irish Tribesmen’ David Frum April 24, 2013

Historical Examples

The rhyme which the Scottish maidens sang about Bannockburn is lost.
The Balladists John Geddie

Such was probably the equipment of the leading knights at Bannockburn.
The Bruce John Barbour

It was a short and unfortunate dynasty which the Baliols founded, brought to an end by the battle of Bannockburn.
The Rivers of Great Britain: Rivers of the East Coast Various

Such, too, was the spirit of the same race on the field of Bannockburn.
King Robert the Bruce A. F. Murison

One of the results of Bannockburn was to bring many of these waverers over to the national side.
The Bruce John Barbour

At Bannockburn the sons of the forest distinguished themselves.
Highways and Byways in The Border Andrew Lang

Walter, who then held the office of Steward, was knighted on the field of Bannockburn.
Royal Edinburgh Margaret Oliphant

The latter point with pride to Bannockburn as well as to Waterloo.
Montreal 1535-1914, Volume II (of 2) William Henry Atherton

He must mean south of Bannockburn, taking the point of view of his father, at that hour captive in Bruce’s camp.
The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 07 Various

a village in central Scotland, south of Stirling: nearby is the site of a victory (1314) of the Scots, led by Robert the Bruce, over the English. Pop: 7396 (2001)


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