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a preserve made from gooseberries or white or red currants.
Dutch Maas. a river in W Europe, flowing from NE France through E Belgium and S Netherlands into the North Sea. 575 miles (925 km) long.
a department in NE France. 2409 sq. mi. (6240 sq. km).
Capital: Bar-le-Duc.
Historical Examples

After all, something was sure to happen at bar-le-duc, and Chlons had once been shelled by a long-range gun.
Life in the War Zone Gertrude Atherton

East of bar-le-duc the main line is cut by German shell fire now.
They Shall Not Pass Frank H. Simonds

The driver told me there were more than ten thousand trucks working between Verdun and bar-le-duc.
Friends of France Various

Then it moved to a new sector, not far from bar-le-duc, and Kellogg moved with it.
With the Doughboy in France Edward Hungerford

They found a building in bar-le-duc that could be used, and which would hold a respectable sized audience.
Air Service Boys Over The Enemy’s Lines Charles Amory Beach

An uninterrupted file of camions extends from bar-le-duc to Verdun.
A Blue Devil of France G. P. Capart

He was educated at bar-le-duc and went to Paris in 1854 to study jurisprudence.
A Woodland Queen, Complete Andre Theuriet

We sensed the war to better advantage than at Luxeuil or bar-le-duc.
Flying for France James R. McConnell

At bar-le-duc M. Ferry, the head surgeon, gave us a report of depositions made to him in the course of his duties.
Current History, A Monthly Magazine New York Times

So you may read in “Murray,” under the head of “bar-le-duc.”
Odd Bits of History Henry W. Wolff

a department of N France, in Lorraine region: heavy fighting occurred here in World War I. Capital: Bar-le-Duc. Pop: 191 728 (2003 est). Area: 6241 sq km (2434 sq miles)
a river in W Europe, rising in NE France and flowing north across E Belgium and the S Netherlands to join the Waal River before entering the North Sea. Length: 926 km (575 miles) Dutch name Maas


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