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a slender, external process on the jaw or other part of the head of certain fishes.
any of various cyprinoid fishes of the genus Barbus, especially B. barbus, of European waters.
Historical Examples

“And what happened to Tobias,” further questioned barbel, who was listening with deep interest.
Heidi Johanna Spyri

My acquaintance with barbel is also so limited that it counts for little.
Lines in Pleasant Places William Senior

The uncertainty of barbel and barbel fishing was illustrated by the sequel to our day on the Thames.
Lines in Pleasant Places William Senior

Not even barbel, Ann, or Metz took any special notice of your sister.
In The Fire Of The Forge, Complete Georg Ebers

In the former are several varieties, and some of enormous size, resembling the barbel.
The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction, Vol. 13, Issue 377, June 27, 1829 Various

The barbel projecting from the chin denotes that it is a bottom feeder.
The Sea Shore William S. Furneaux

I had made up my mind for a try at the barbel before I went back.
The Rosery Folk George Manville Fenn

barbel gazed at me silently for a moment, and then he pointed to the frame.
A Chosen Few Frank R. Stockton

The bank-runner is mostly used in the day-time, when the angler is fishing for roach, barbel, &c.
Every Boy’s Book: A Complete Encyclopdia of Sports and Amusements Various

I had no idea that the trout was so voracious; but that one had swallowed a barbel.’
Club Life of London, Vol. I (of 2) John Timbs

any of several slender tactile spines or bristles that hang from the jaws of certain fishes, such as the catfish and carp
any of several European cyprinid fishes of the genus Barbus, esp B. barbus, that resemble the carp but have a longer body and pointed snout
A slender, whiskerlike feeler extending from the head of certain fish, such as the catfish. It is used for touch and taste.


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