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without covering or clothing; naked; nude:
bare legs.
without the usual furnishings, contents, etc.:
bare walls.
open to view; unconcealed; undisguised:
his bare dislike of neckties.
unadorned; bald; plain:
the bare facts.
(of cloth) napless or threadbare.
scarcely or just sufficient; mere:
the bare necessities of life.
Obsolete. with the head uncovered; bareheaded.
to open to view; reveal or divulge:
to bare one’s arms; to bare damaging new facts.
simple past tense of bear1 .
Contemporary Examples

Dressed in a cheap pantsuit from K-Mart, she showed up wearing trousers that bared her ankles and a jacket two sizes too big.
28,000 X Chromosomes Strong Lynn Sherr October 23, 2008

From Lady Gaga to Alanis Morissette to Robbie Williams, watch other artists who bared all for a song.
Erykah Badu and Eight Other Naked Music Videos The Daily Beast Video April 5, 2010

bared to You By Sylvia Day If what you want is a complete Fifty Shades clone, this is it.
Sexier Than ‘50 Shades of Grey’: Naughtiest Bits From 12 Other Erotica Bestsellers July 11, 2012

Remember the outcry when Miley Cyrus bared just her back (let alone her backside) for Vanity Fair?
Pictures of Justin Bieber Naked Leak, and We Just Don’t Know How to Feel Kevin Fallon August 11, 2013

There was no heaving cleavage, no dangerously high slits, no bared midriffs.
Milan Fall Fashion Week 2012: Raf Simons’s Last Collection at Jil Sander Robin Givhan February 24, 2012

Historical Examples

It would be delicious to see that girl Taia bared to the knife.
Astounding Stories, July, 1931 Various

They bared the bench-boards; abroad they spread beds and bolsters.
Beowulf Anonymous

She looked like one who bared her breast for a mortal hurt as she spoke.
Madelon Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

It was grey in colour, the ears were laid back, and the fangs were bared as if with hunger.
Murder Point Coningsby Dawson

The boy was washing himself, having for this purpose taken off his coat and bared the upper part of the body.
The Sexual Life of the Child Albert Moll

unclothed; exposed: used esp of a part of the body
without the natural, conventional, or usual covering or clothing: a bare tree
lacking appropriate furnishings, etc: a bare room
unembellished; simple: the bare facts
(prenomial) just sufficient; mere: he earned the bare minimum
with one’s bare hands, without a weapon or tool
(transitive) to make bare; uncover; reveal
(archaic) a past tense of bear1

Old English bær “naked, uncovered, unclothed,” from Proto-Germanic *bazaz (cf. German bar, Old Norse berr, Dutch baar), from PIE *bhosos (cf. Armenian bok “naked;” Old Church Slavonic bosu, Lithuanian basas “barefoot”). Meaning “sheer, absolute” (c.1200) is from the notion of “complete in itself.”

Old English barian, from bare (adj.). Related: Bared; baring.


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