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with the fists bare:
a fierce, barefisted fight; to fight barefisted.


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  • Barefoot doctor

    (in China) a layperson trained to provide a number of basic health-care services, especially in rural areas. noun (esp in developing countries) a worker trained as a medical auxiliary in a rural area who dispenses medicine, gives first aid, assists at childbirth, etc barefoot doctor bare·foot doctor (bâr’fut’) n. A lay health care worker, especially […]

  • Barehanded

    with hands uncovered: He caught the baseball barehanded. without tools, weapons, or other means: foolishly coming barehanded to the besieged city. Historical Examples Were he alone with Armand, he would hurl himself at him and try to kill him, barehanded. Shaman Robert Shea You can’t just walk in on a Throg barehanded and be bound […]

  • Bare hands, with one’s

    With one’s hands but without tools, weapons, or other implements. For example, Jean assembled the new stove with her bare hands. This phrase, first recorded in 1604, extends the literal meaning, “with uncovered (that is, without gloves) and hence unprotected hands,” to “unaided by implements.”

  • Bareheaded

    with the head uncovered. Contemporary Examples After so many centuries of dull black-and-white, he led us bareheaded into an outdoor, Technicolor future. This Is Why Your Kid Is Fat Kent Sepkowitz November 24, 2013 He congratulated me on having lived for a week bareheaded in East Texas without getting beaten with a tire iron. ‘The […]

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