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one of the crew of a barge.
a person who owns, manages, or captains a barge.
Historical Examples

Indeed this was the most intelligent Tchuktchi I ever met, although his language would have startled an English bargee.
From Paris to New York by Land Harry de Windt

Please, Mr. bargee, will you take us in your boat as far as Firdale?
Two Little Travellers Frances Browne Arthur

“Do now,” put in the woman in a wheedling voice, fixing her big, bold eyes on bargee’s face.
Two Little Travellers Frances Browne Arthur

He avowed himself to have been a bargee in the earth-plane—should one say the water-plane?
Mystic London: Charles Maurice Davies

“Look ee here,” she said insinuatingly, sidling at the same time nearer to bargee, and speaking with her mouth close to his ear.
Two Little Travellers Frances Browne Arthur

Like the bargee of whom Stevenson wrote, there seems to be no reason why he should not live for ever.
A Floating Home Cyril Ionides

The Chief Transport Officer, we understand, has already hoisted his bargee.
Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 152, February 28, 1917 Various

The bargee turned so pale, that he looked like a colliers tablecloth.
Cradock Nowell, Vol. 2 (of 3) Richard Doddridge Blackmore

Mme. de Joinville was dressed as a bargee and affected the manner of a street gamin.
The Memoirs of Victor Hugo Victor Hugo

bargee is free, and the ashes of his pipe are worth a king’s ransom.
The Open Air Richard Jefferies

noun (pl) bargees, bargemen
a person employed on or in charge of a barge


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