Barking deer

Historical Examples

The commonest of the deer tribe is the khakar, or barking deer.
The Heart of Nature Francis Younghusband

Many kinds of deer are there, to be preyed upon by man or beast, from the pretty little gyi or barking deer to the lordly sambur.
Burma R.Talbot Kelly

He is called the barking deer, because he can bark or yap almost like a dog.
The Wonders of the Jungle Prince Sarath Ghosh

Mr. Sanderson mentions an instance when a barking deer he shot was partially devoured by a bear during the night.
Natural History of the Mammalia of India and Ceylon Robert A. Sterndale

What he sought was a kakur, or barking deer, a much smaller but infinitely more palatable beast.
The Elephant God Gordon Casserly

There to my astonishment I found a barking deer standing up with half its face blown away.
Life in an Indian Outpost Gordon Casserly

In this way the barking deer leads the tiger on and on through the jungle from bush to bush.
The Wonders of the Jungle Prince Sarath Ghosh

Still we must call him the barking deer, as people have already given him that name.
The Wonders of the Jungle Prince Sarath Ghosh

At different times I possessed half a dozen barking deer fawns, one of which became an institution in Buxa.
Life in an Indian Outpost Gordon Casserly

The musk deer is found in the snows, and the barking deer on every hill side.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Slice 6 Various

another name for muntjac

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