Barn owl

a yellowish-brown and white owl, Tyto alba, often inhabiting barns and other buildings.
Historical Examples

If so, the White or barn owl is probably the particular species to which reference is made.
Bible Animals; J. G. Wood

However, neither with the barn owl nor with man has the species-maker had his own way.
Birds of the Plains Douglas Dewar

To my knowledge, there are two records of the barn owl in Coahuila.
Birds from Coahuila, Mexico Emil K. Urban

The barn owl, however, differs from all others in that it has a long, thin face.
Birds of the Plains Douglas Dewar

This species is much more common than the barn owl in many districts, although it is decreasing in others.
British Birds in their Haunts Rev. C. A. Johns

The barn owl merely resorts to it for repose and concealment.
The Ornithology of Shakespeare James Edmund Harting

The nest of the barn owl is a rude structure placed in the bird’s daily haunt.
British Birds in their Haunts Rev. C. A. Johns

These trivial differences are not usually considered sufficient to justify the division of the barn owl into two species.
Birds of the Plains Douglas Dewar

When the barn owl finds a deficiency of food it has recourse to fishing.
Reptiles and Birds Louis Figuier

I would here venture a surmise, that the barn owl sleeps standing.
The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Various

any owl of the genus Tyto, esp T. alba, having a pale brown and white plumage, long slender legs, and a heart-shaped face: family Tytonidae

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