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a city in SE Massachusetts.
Historical Examples

“Mr. Barnstable and I are to be remarried immediately,” Mrs. Croydon observed with dignity.
Love in a Cloud Arlo Bates

Barnstable stared at him with eyes which were full of confusion and of helplessness.
Love in a Cloud Arlo Bates

Barnstable boiled up as a caldron of mush breaks into thick, spluttering bubbles.
Love in a Cloud Arlo Bates

Barnstable stood hesitating, looking around as if to discover the hostess.
Love in a Cloud Arlo Bates

Barnstable listened in deep silence to this unexpected narration, which sounded in the ears of Dillon like his funeral knell.
The Pilot J. Fenimore Cooper

Jack grinned down on the truculent Barnstable from his superior height.
Love in a Cloud Arlo Bates

Our mother went with Governor and Mrs. Andrew and a gay party to Barnstable for the annual festival and ball.
Julia Ward Howe Laura E. Richards

“Then there is nothing I can do,” Barnstable said, shaking his head plaintively.
Love in a Cloud Arlo Bates

“Follow, and obey his instructions,” said Barnstable to his cockswain, aloud.
The Pilot J. Fenimore Cooper

“I am sorry that I was out,” Barnstable answered with awkward politeness.
Love in a Cloud Arlo Bates


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