Barrel chest

barrel chest

barrel chest bar·rel chest (bār’əl)
A large chest with increased anteroposterior diameter and usually some degree of kyphosis, sometimes seen in cases of emphysema.
Contemporary Examples

“ Ana (I),” he said deliberately, striking his right hand loudly against his barrel chest so that it echoed.
The Saudi Kingdom’s 9/11 Robert Lacey October 16, 2009

Historical Examples

He evoked a sigh from somewhere in the depths of his barrel chest, and tried to cast up his small red eyes.
Pirates of the Gorm Nat Schachner

Then he tied one end of the remaining rope around Zircon’s barrel chest, up under his armpits.
The Pirates of Shan Harold Leland Goodwin

Eyes streaming, bull throat and barrel chest racked by his sobbing, he watched the passing of his people and his city.
The Metal Monster A. Merritt

Boone clamped his mouth shut and stood with thick, muscular arms crossed over his barrel chest.
A Place in the Sun C.H. Thames

Allan was jerked against a barrel chest, felt his bones cracking in a terrific hug.
When the Sleepers Woke Arthur Leo Zagat

Two inches taller than Ramsay’s six feet, he had a barrel chest and long, powerful arms.
The Spell of the White Sturgeon James Arthur Kjelgaard

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