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a town in N Guyana, on the Essequibo River: river transportation center.
Historical Examples

Museum from Bartica, which I reported as E. piliventris, belongs here.
Bees from British Guiana T. D. A. Cockerell

They were paddling slowly, weary and tired after a long day of portaging, passing with the tide down to Bartica.
Jungle Peace William Beebe

But as Bartica has only twenty inhabitants we bought everything in Georgetown.
Up the Mazaruni for Diamonds William La Varre

The Bartica collection contains a Megalopta from Hoorie, but it is unfortunately broken.
Bees from British Guiana T. D. A. Cockerell

Write a message to Maidley and theyll take it to Bartica and give it to the telegraph office there.
The Radio Detectives in the Jungle A. Hyatt Verrill

The starting out place for the trip was twenty miles from Georgetown at a town upriver called Bartica.
Up the Mazaruni for Diamonds William La Varre

The little town of Bartica fell away behind us as we slid out into the broad expanse of the old Mazaruni.
Up the Mazaruni for Diamonds William La Varre


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