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having the last syllable unaccented.
a barytone word.
a male voice or voice part intermediate between tenor and bass.
a singer with such a voice.
a large, valved brass instrument shaped like a trumpet or coiled in oval form, used especially in military bands.
of or relating to a baritone; having the compass of a baritone.
Historical Examples

His voice (barytone) is still of exquisite quality, and just the right volume for our hall.
Army Letters from an Officer’s Wife, 1871-1888 Frances M.A. Roe

barytone called while I was out with Miss J. yesterday on business.
Margarita’s Soul Ingraham Lovell

Some moments after his continued base supported the captain’s barytone.
From the Earth to the Moon, Direct in Ninety-Seven Hours and Twenty Minutes: and a Trip Round It Jules Verne

Still the barytone, who was almost as fond of conversation as of what he termed “vocal.”
K Mary Roberts Rinehart

When she spoke it was in a man’s barytone, which, when agitated, broke into a sobbing squeak.
The Green Book Mr Jkai

The barytone was still singing; but now it was “I’m twenty-one, and she’s eighteen.”
K Mary Roberts Rinehart

In the second-story front room at Mrs. McKee’s, the barytone slept heavily, and made divers unvocal sounds.
K Mary Roberts Rinehart

This went far enough for attention to the music and the barytone.
The Portrait of a Lady Henry James

As they neared the hut they heard the sound of singing—a man’s barytone, full and rich, and a child’s treble, shrill but sweet.
The Rock of the Lion Molly Elliot Seawell

In barytone voices the whole glottis is often open to , and occasionally to .
Voice Production in Singing and Speaking Wesley Mills

a less common spelling of baritone
having the last syllable unaccented
a word in which the last syllable is unaccented Compare oxytone
the second lowest adult male voice, having a range approximately from G an eleventh below middle C to F a fourth above it
a singer with such a voice
the second lowest instrument in the families of the saxophone, horn, oboe, etc
relating to or denoting a baritone: a baritone part
denoting the second lowest instrument in a family: the baritone horn

c.1600, from Italian baritono, from Greek barytonos “deep-toned, deep-sounding,” from barys “heavy, deep,” also, of sound, “strong, deep, bass” (see grave (adj.)) + tonos “tone” (see tenet). Technically, “ranging from lower A in bass clef to lower F in treble clef.” Meaning “singer having a baritone voice” is from 1821. As a type of brass band instrument, it is attested from 1949.

A range of the male singing voice higher than bass and lower than tenor.


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