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Bachelor of Agricultural Science.
Bachelor of Applied Science.
an aspect of the soul, represented as a human-headed bird.
the second letter of the Arabic alphabet.
Contemporary Examples

The biggest net gains in people with bas and higher are primarily in the sunbelt, led by Phoenix, Houston, Dallas-Ft.
Forget What the Pundits Tell You, Coastal Cities are Old News – it’s the Sunbelt that’s Booming Joel Kotkin February 28, 2014

Historical Examples

Fixed in the wall, opposite to the window, there is a bas relief of amazing beauty—the marriage of Neptune and Amphitrite.
Visits and Sketches at Home and Abroad with Tales and Miscellanies Now First Collected Anna Jameson

A woman in the mob said ‘Pauvre’ and somebody else said ‘ bas!’
Terribly Intimate Portraits Nol Coward

basanite, bas′an-īt, n. a kind of quartz serviceable for testing the purity of the precious metals by the marks made.
Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 1 of 4: A-D) Various

“I reckon ye’ve done heered all I kin tell ye,” said bas, gravely.
The Roof Tree Charles Neville Buck

About a mile from Barbizon, the path to the bas Breau diverges to the right.
The History of David Grieve Mrs. Humphry Ward

In killing bas Rowlett he would be performing a virtuous act.
The Roof Tree Charles Neville Buck

Somebody, no doubt a refugee, hissed out: “A bas les Bosches!”
Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 147, November 18, 1914 Various

Elsewhere it shelved off into the steep slope down which bas had carried him.
The Roof Tree Charles Neville Buck

The author smacks not of the bas bleu; she is a simple woman in the truest sense of the word, and a regal grande dame as well.
The Mystery of the Lost Dauphin Emilia Pardo Bazn

(Egyptian myth) the soul, represented as a bird with a human head
Chemical symbol
Bachelor of Arts
British Academy
British Airways
British Association (for the Advancement of Science)
British Association screw thread

The symbol for the element barium.
The symbol for barium.
Bachelor of Agricultural Science
Bachelor of Applied Science
block acquisition sequence
Bachelor of Arts
bare ass
batting average
Boeing Co.
British Academy
budget authority


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