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a department in NE France. 1848 sq. mi. (4785 sq. km).
Capital: Strasbourg.
Historical Examples

The people of this district have a less soft pronunciation than those of Bas-Rhin.
Musical Myths and Facts, Volume I (of 2) Carl Engel

The democratic idea grew and was represented chiefly by the Courrier du Bas-Rhin which influenced public opinion.
Alsace-Lorraine Daniel Blumenthal.

In vain has the directory of the Bas-Rhin ordered its release; the Belfort municipality paid no attention to the order.
The Origins of Contemporary France, Volume 2 (of 6) Hippolyte A. Taine

a department of NE France in Alsace region. Capital: Strasbourg. Pop: 1 052 698 (2003 est). Area: 4793 sq km (1869 sq miles)


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