a department in ne france. 1848 sq. mi. (4785 sq. km).
capital: strasbourg.
historical examples

the people of this district have a less soft pr-nunciation than those of bas-rhin.
musical myths and facts, volume i (of 2) carl engel

the democratic idea grew and was represented chiefly by the courrier du bas-rhin which influenced public opinion.
alsace-lorraine daniel blumenthal.

in vain has the directory of the bas-rhin ordered its release; the belfort munic-p-lity paid no attention to the order.
the origins of contemporary france, volume 2 (of 6) hippolyte a. taine

a department of ne france in alsace region. capital: strasbourg. pop: 1 052 698 (2003 est). area: 4793 sq km (1869 sq miles)

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