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basilemma ba·si·lem·ma (bā’sə-lěm’ə)
See basement membrane.


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  • Basilic vein

    a large vein on the inner side of the arm. Historical Examples Some hardness could here be felt in the course of the basilic vein. On the origin of inflammation of the veins Henry Lee noun a large vein situated on the inner side of the arm basilic vein ba·sil·ic vein (bə-sĭl’ĭk) n. A vein […]

  • Basilical

    kingly; royal. Also, basilican, basilical. of, relating to, or like a basilica. basilic (def 2).

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    basilic (def 2). Historical Examples The basilican form, too, has vanished; we have now the nave and transepts of the Latin cross. The Cathedral Builders Leader Scott It is always probable that the basilican plan had its origin in a plan originally aisleless. The Ground Plan of the English Parish Church A. Hamilton Thompson Germany […]

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