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Basket cell

basket cell

basket cell bas·ket cell (bās’kĭt)

Any of the neurons in the cerebellum whose terminal axons form a basketlike network around another cell.

A myoepithelial cell with branching processes that occurs basal to the secretory cells of certain salivary and lacrimal gland alveoli.

Historical Examples

The solitude is harrowing with the memory of the prison; it haunts me with the horrors of the basket cell.
Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist Alexander Berkman

In the basket cell, a young colored man grovels on the floor.
Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist Alexander Berkman

It is much worse than the basket cell, for it virtually admits no air, and men are kept in it from 30 to 60 days.
Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist Alexander Berkman

The white shroud is pressing, pressing heavily upon the lone boy, like the suffocating night of the basket cell.
Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist Alexander Berkman


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