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Basket maker

an American Indian culture of the southwestern U.S. from 100 b.c. to a.d. 65 that developed in three phases, immediately preceded the Pueblo culture, and was noted for its basketry, agriculture, use of the bow and arrow, and, in its later stages, the building of semisubterranean houses.
an American Indian belonging to the Basket Maker culture.
Historical Examples

One Basket Maker has used the shiny brown stems of maidenhair ferns and the effect is very pretty.
The Library of Work and Play: Outdoor Work Mary Rogers Miller

The aged man who has been so many years reformed, is a Basket Maker.
The Gipsies’ Advocate James Crabb

He found the Basket Maker had removed to town, and there procured a basket that pleased his relative very much.
The Putnam Hall Encampment Arthur M. Winfield

The Basket Maker who occupied this house in 1530 was named Klaes Dewis—his wife Gertrude.
The Spell of Belgium Isabel Anderson

The Basket Maker was cross at first, but none was able to be angry with Havelok long, and he too began to smile.
Havelok The Dane Charles Whistler

The Havasu Canyon is a Basket Maker’s paradise, for the stream is lined for miles with willows suitable for this work.
The Indians of the Painted Desert Region George Wharton James

Pepper and Andy were both good walkers and they lost no time in getting to the spot where the Basket Maker had lived.
The Putnam Hall Encampment Arthur M. Winfield

The farmer was consulted and said the Basket Maker had moved up a side road leading to Lake Caboy.
The Putnam Hall Encampment Arthur M. Winfield

You are still too little for anyone, Basket Maker or any other, to take notice of you.
Woman on Her Own, False Gods & The Red Robe Eugne Brieux

The Basket Maker finds himself flooded with so many ideas that it is impossible to put them in book form.
Practical Basketry Anna A. Gill

a member of an early Native American people of the southwestern US, preceding the Pueblo people, known for skill in basket-making


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