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objects, textiles, etc., made or woven in the manner of a basket; basketry; wickerwork; interwoven work.
Historical Examples

A basketwork boat covered with skin and caulked was used in Egypt and Sumeria from the beginnings of our knowledge.
A Short History of the World H. G. Wells

This gives to the organ the appearance of basketwork or network.
The Sea-beach at Ebb-tide Augusta Foote Arnold

The patterns, usually copied from basketwork, show the source of the forms of the cups and vases.
Appletons’ Popular Science Monthly, April 1900 Various

Would it be sinful to take some of my basketwork and send back the money next week?
Homespun Tales Kate Douglas Wiggin

The bag usually carried by gins was neatly wove in basketwork and composed of a wiry kind of rush.
Three Expeditions into the Interior of Eastern Australia, Vol 2 (of 2) Thomas Mitchell

Each set consists of two plate-like bodies with a texture of reticulated or basketwork appearance.
The Sea-beach at Ebb-tide Augusta Foote Arnold

In an adult river lamprey the basketwork consists on each side of a series of eight vertical half-hoops of cartilage.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 7, Slice 8 Various

In the order Eulamellibranchiata we find all the families to be possessed of the basketwork or crisscross branchial structure.
The Sea-beach at Ebb-tide Augusta Foote Arnold

Connected with the basketwork posteriorly is a remarkable cup-shaped cartilage, which supports the hind wall of the pericardium.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 7, Slice 8 Various

Amongst the Dyaks of Borneo, screens of basketwork are placed along a stream to prevent the fish escaping.
The Romance of Plant Life G. F. Scott Elliot

another word for wickerwork


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