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Bass viol

viola da gamba.
double bass.
Historical Examples

He wanted to live in a city and teach school, play his bass viol, and belong to musical or singing clubs.
The Child’s Book of American Biography Mary Stoyell Stimpson

The artist is seen in the foreground playing a viol: Titian a bass viol.
The Story of Paris Thomas Okey

I cannot think it likely that the sculptor saw anyone playing a bass viol in this manner.
The Bow, Its History, Manufacture and Use Henry Saint-George

She doesn’t know a fugue from a bass viol, and she never hesitates to say so.
The Dominant Strain Anna Chapin Ray

At the sound of the bass viol the bull stood still, raised his head, and glowered at the extraordinary object before him.
Yorkshire Oddities, Incidents and Strange Events S. Baring-Gould

To the left was the orchestra, a violin, ‘cello and bass viol.
Spring Street James H. Richardson

If one has a few pieces (violin, cello, bass viol, flute) to play Hungarian airs during the dinner it will please the guests.
Suppers Paul Pierce

Old Doctor Kingsley played the bass viol so it was soul stirrin’ too.
Old Rail Fence Corners Various

Then there came a sudden twang, as of a violently plucked string on a bass viol, and the amber egg dropped from the faceted side.
Devil Crystals of Arret Hal K. Wells

The word Violino is not mentioned by Lanfranco, but in every case only the termination Violone, which is bass viol.
The Violoncello and Its History Wilhelm Joseph von Wasielewski

another name for viola da gamba
(US) a less common name for double bass (sense 1)
bass viol [(veye-uhl)]

The largest and lowest-pitched instrument of the strings, also called a bass fiddle or double bass. The player must stand or sit on a tall stool to play it.


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