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a singer with a bass voice.
a player of a bass instrument, especially of the bass viol.
Contemporary Examples

Dicky Betts, alternate lead guitar to Duane, whiles away the flight swapping comic books with the bassist, Berry Oakley.
Stacks: Hitting the Note with the Allman Brothers Band Grover Lewis March 14, 2014

Playful and gory, the cartoonish paintings of Dee Dee Ramone, bassist for The Ramones, are every bit as shocking as their creator.
‘All Good Cretins Go to Heaven’: Dee Dee Ramone’s Twisted Punk Paintings Melissa Leon December 14, 2014

Plus, Guy Berryman isn’t just a bassist; he’s Coldplay’s bassist.
Marry, Screw, Kill: Lindsay Lohan Sex List Scandal Edition Amy Zimmerman March 11, 2014

A bassist’s main job is to keep the rest of the band on track.
Marry, Screw, Kill: Lindsay Lohan Sex List Scandal Edition Amy Zimmerman March 11, 2014

Van Halen was discovered in a Los Angeles bar by this bassist.
The Ultimate Rock Trivia Quiz Peter Lauria October 27, 2010

Eight days later their bassist, Gerard Smith, passed away from lung cancer.
Revenge of the Rock Nerds: TV on the Radio’s Long Road to ‘Seeds’ Marlow Stern December 2, 2014

But the bassist brushes off the lingering perception that the group released its best work decades ago.
Michael Stipe and Mike Mills Talk About R.E.M.’s Breakup Chris Lee November 29, 2011

His guys are Archy, an African-American bassist who returned from the Gulf, who meets Nat, a white aficionado of vinyl.
‘Telegraph Avenue’: Michael Chabon on His Obsessive Novel of Fandom Josh Dzieza September 10, 2012

For proof of that, check out the epic faces pulled by bassist and guitarist Este Haim on this brilliant Tumblr.
Thank VH1’s ‘You Oughta Know’ Concert for That Lorde and Haim Collaboration You Never Knew You Wanted Kevin Fallon November 20, 2013

Police say the bassist turned gunman stepped onto a third floor outcropping and fired through a window.
The Guitar Case Murders Michael Daly November 11, 2013

a player of a double bass, esp in a jazz band


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