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a member of a group of people chiefly inhabiting north-central Sumatra.
a member of a group of mountain-dwelling people of northeastern Palawan in the Philippines.
either of the Austronesian languages spoken by the Batak peoples.
Historical Examples

Meanwhile the horrors at Batak had also aroused the indignation of Russia and the fears of Austria.
The Turkish Empire, its Growth and Decay Lord Eversley

It presently developed that Batak was not an isolated example.
The Story of the Great War, Volume I (of 8) Various

For at this time tidings of the massacres at Batak and elsewhere began to be fully known.
The Development of the European Nations, 1870-1914 (5th ed.) John Holland Rose

The most fearful tragedy, however, was at Batak, where over 1000 people took refuge in the church and churchyard.
The Grand Old Man Richard B. Cook

The writer found almost identical beliefs and practices among the Batak and Tagbanua of Palawan.
The Wild Tribes of Davao District, Mindanao Fay-Cooper Cole

Those of the last island are a very curious people, locally called “Batak.”
The Negrito and Allied Types in the Philippines and The Ilongot or Ibilao of Luzon David P. Barrows

Twelve hundred persons, mostly women and children, took refuge in a church at Batak and were there burnt alive.
The Turkish Empire, its Growth and Decay Lord Eversley

The Batak are not very numerous; their villages have been decimated by ravages of smallpox during the past five years.
Negritos of Zambales William Allan Reed


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