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Bateau neck

boat neck.


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  • Bateaux

    Also, batteau. Nautical. Chiefly Canadian and Southern U.S. a small, flat-bottomed rowboat used on rivers. a half-decked, sloop-rigged boat used for fishing on Chesapeake Bay; skipjack. (in some regions) a scow. a pontoon of a floating bridge. Historical Examples For this purpose he took the route of the deep and rapid St. Lawrence, making his […]

  • Bated breath

    noun the condition of waiting for something to happen; subdued breathing due to high emotions Examples With bated breath, they went to the mailbox every day. Word Origin 1933; based on bate meaning ‘to moderate, restrain’ Contemporary Examples We all may have waited with bated breath for Wiig’s big, first post-Bridesmaids, post-SNL star vehicle. Is […]

  • Bateleur eagle

    noun an African crested bird of prey, Terathopius ecaudatus, with a short tail and long wings: subfamily Circaetinae, family Accipitridae (hawks, etc)

  • Bateleur

    a common African eagle, Terathopius ecaudatus, having a very short tail. Historical Examples There shrieked the great “Caffre eagle,” and side by side with him the short-tailed and singular “bateleur.” The Bush Boys Captain Mayne Reid

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