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Bath bun

a round, sweet bun, usually containing raisins, citron, etc.
Historical Examples

And I bought a shell-box and a Bath bun, and closed my eyes, and lay musing in an agony of soul.
Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 108, May 11th, 1895 Various

I put it into her hand as I spoke; a Bath bun that I had been carrying with me, in case I did not get home to luncheon.
Johnny Ludlow. First Series Mrs. Henry Wood

A Bath bun was accordingly bought, carried home, and put carefully away in the doll’s house.
The Kitchen Cat and Other Stories Amy Walton

One day she fancied a Bath bun; sent the new maid to the pastry-cook’s.
A Simpleton Charles Reade

It was disappointing, and troublesome too, because she had to carry the Bath bun about with her so long.
The Kitchen Cat and Other Stories Amy Walton

(Brit) a sweet bun containing spices and dried fruit


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