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Bathing machine

a small bathhouse on wheels formerly used as a dressing room and in which bathers could also be transported from the beach to the water.
Historical Examples

I’ve had a summer of the British seaside, the bathing machine and the German band.
The Letters of Henry James (volume I) Henry James

There is some question as to what the term “bathing machine” describes.
Women’s Bathing and Swimming Costume in the United States Claudia B. Kidwell

Marie stood for a moment on the steps of the bathing machine in her blue and white costume, and looked up at the sun!
A Bachelor Husband Ruby M. Ayres

How could he, where there was neither seclusion nor bathing machine?
Humorous Readings and Recitations Various

Oh, dear, how I ‘d like a commission to knock this old town into a bathing machine.
The Bramleighs Of Bishop’s Folly Charles James Lever

Barrett eventually lured Maitland into deep water, long past the bathing machine of adieu forevermore, as he called it.
The Romance of His Life Mary Cholmondeley

Before I could reach my bathing machine, I was drenched through and through, I don’t know where to, but long beyond the skin.
Happy-Thought Hall F. C. Burnand

There was a bathing machine near-by, and I thought it would be a jolly adventure to spend the rest of the night in it.
My Life Josiah Flynt

I crept out of the bathing machine and dodged around it conveniently until the man had passed.
My Life Josiah Flynt

This booth, about as large as the bathing machine common to our seaside resorts, was situate in the centre of the camp.
Sixteen Months in Four German Prisons Henry Charles Mahoney

a small hut, on wheels so that it could be pulled to the sea, used in the 18th and 19th centuries for bathers to change their clothes


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