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Bathurst island

an island off the coast of N Nunavut, Canada, in the Arctic Archipelago: present south of the North Magnetic Pole nearby. 7609 sq. mi. (19,707 sq. km).
an island in the Northern Territory, Australia, in the Timor Sea. 1000 sq. mi. (2590 sq. km).
Historical Examples

He had searched the west coast of Bathurst Island, which tended a little westerly of north until in latitude 76° 155′ N.
Stray Leaves from an Arctic Journal; Sherard Osborn

After rounding it a course was steered down the western side of Bathurst Island.
Narrative of a Survey of the Intertropical and Western Coasts of Australia Phillip Parker King

With the first grey of the morning we left Bathurst Island, on our return to the southward.
Discoveries in Australia, Volume 1. J Lort Stokes


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