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Battle cry

a cry or shout of troops in battle.
the phrase or slogan used in any contest or campaign.
Contemporary Examples

His words had a crude elegance, a cross between a country western lament and a battle cry for the 21st century.
The Media’s Pat-Down Frenzy Howard Kurtz November 21, 2010

The president’s fiery tax speech today was the battle cry liberals have been waiting for.
Obama Comes Out Swinging Howard Kurtz June 28, 2011

McPherson, a professor at Princeton University, is the author of the classic Civil War history battle cry of Freedom.
Obama’s Confederate Compromise Judy Pasternak May 20, 2009

James McPherson’s battle cry of Freedom is now, incredibly, 25 years old.
David’s Bookclub: Battle Cry of Freedom David Frum May 22, 2013

A slight becomes a battle cry; rumors of corruption prompt a crusade to be waged.
Ben Whishaw Takes On Bond in ‘Skyfall’ and ‘Newsroom’ in ‘The Hour’ Jace Lacob November 27, 2012

Historical Examples

The Communist battle cry was: “Men of Mars unite; you have nothing to lose but your wives.”
Mars Confidential Jack Lait

That was their battle cry as they tried to wriggle under the legs of the crewmen.
The Glory of Ippling Helen M. Urban

He then ordered his trumpeters to sound the battle cry, and a volley was fired into the town; but no response came back.
The Real America in Romance, Volume 6; John R. Musick

Saying this I raised our battle cry of rally, well known to Douarnek.
The Casque’s Lark Eugne Sue

Their cabalistic watchword was “Paisano” (fellow-countryman), their battle cry “Independence.”
The American Occupation of the Philippines 1898-1912 James H. Blount

a shout uttered by soldiers going into battle
a slogan used to rally the supporters of a campaign, movement, etc


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