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the field or ground on which a battle is fought.
an area of contention, conflict, or hostile opposition:
During that era the classroom became a battlefield of incompatible ideologies.
Contemporary Examples

Certain sections of the battlefield,” he adds, “were littered with the ghastly remains of burnt-out tanks and incinerated crews.
How the War Ended: WWI’s Last Hundred Days Ian Klaus February 25, 2014

The best estimate available of the total number of Arab Afghans who died on the battlefield in the 1980s is no more than 500.
Syria’s Terror Blowback Threatens Europe and the United States Bruce Riedel May 4, 2014

These battlefield set-backs were extremely common said Gareth Williams, curator of “Vikings: Life and Legend.”
Every Viking ‘Fact’ Is Wrong Nico Hines March 18, 2014

If commandos get a new weapon or sensor, it probably will be used on a real mission or battlefield.
Special Ops’ Weapons Wish List Michael Peck April 8, 2014

He did what we asked him to do, and we don’t leave our fallen soldiers on the battlefield.
Luis Posada Carriles: Trial of the Terrorist Who Almost Killed Me Stephen Kinzer January 10, 2011

Historical Examples

We visited all the places of interest, including the battlefield of Tel-eh-kebir.
Reminiscences of Queensland William Henry Corfield

He that does not believe is like a battlefield, the scene of every disaster.
The Three Cities Trilogy, Complete Emile Zola

We soon formed line, crossed the river and moved over across the battlefield where there were a good many of our dead lying about.
Personal Recollections of the Civil War James Madison Stone

“He said that they were picked up on the battlefield of Colenso at first,” the Baron declared.
The Avenger E. Phillips Oppenheim

No, if he was a fiend on the battlefield, he was a lamb at home.
Skookum Chuck Fables Skookum Chuck (pseud for R.D. Cumming)

the place where a battle is fought; an area of conflict

1812, from battle (n.) + field (n.). The usual word for it in Old English was wælstow, literally “slaughter-place.”


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