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Battle group

a planning or command unit within a division of the army.
Historical Examples

There was enough there to outfit a battle group of competent psionics.
The Weakling Everett B. Cole

He pulled three dogs from the first battle group and hurled them on the new fighter.
The Southerner Thomas Dixon

a group of warships usu. consisting of at least one aircraft carrier, other surface ships, submarines, landing craft, etc


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    battle hymn of the republic An American patriotic hymn from the Civil War by Julia Ward Howe, who wrote it after a visit to an encampment of the Union army. The tune is that of “John Brown’s Body.”

  • Battle jacket

    U.S. Military. a close-fitting waist-length woolen jacket with snugly fitting cuffs and waist, formerly worn as part of the service uniform. any of various adaptations of this jacket in men’s and women’s sportswear.

  • Battery terminal

    noun a post or lug on a battery to which a jumper cable may be attached, usu. Labeled + or -; also, the clamp at the end of a jumper cable Historical Examples Now touch the other end of the wire to the other battery terminal. Electricity for the 4-H Scientist Eric B. Wilson

  • Battle lantern

    a portable, battery-operated light for emergency use aboard a warship.

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