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Battle line

the line along which warring troops meet.
Contemporary Examples

White thought children could tell the difference without adult assistance, and there the battle line was drawn.
Jill Lepore on When Life Begins and Ends in ‘The Mansions of Happiness’ Malcolm Jones June 20, 2012

Historical Examples

Since then the battle line has become about three hundred miles long.
Behind the Scenes in Warring Germany Edward Lyell Fox

It was an odd defiance, a tugboat’s challenge to a German battle line.
The Cruise of the Dry Dock T. S. Stribling

The big guns open on this battle line without a moment’s hesitation.
The Southerner Thomas Dixon

The word ‘comrade’ is getting us into closer touch all along the battle line.
The Debs Decision Scott Nearing

His men, unused to service, were formed in the swamp with the reserve only a few hundred yards in the rear of the battle line.
With the Swamp Fox James Otis

The Essex is on the right of the battle line, nearest the island.
My Days and Nights on the Battle-Field Charles Carleton Coffin

The appearance of the Rebel fleet,—the orderly formation of the battle line,—looked like work.
The Boys of ’61 Charles Carleton Coffin.

Like England in the battle line, we are only at the beginning of our effort.
Our Part in the Great War Arthur Gleason

There is a lull in the fight as Snipe goes riding along in rear of the battle line, seeking the New-Englanders.
From School to Battle-field Charles King

the line along which troops are positioned for battle
the battle lines are drawn, conflict or argument is about to occur between opposing people or groups


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