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Archaic. lewdness; obscenity; bawdiness.

the business of a prostitute.
illicit intercourse; fornication.

Historical Examples

It is also noteworthy that, for the period, the bawdry is “cut” to the lowest limit.
Early English Dramatists–Recently Recovered “Lost” Tudor Plays with some others Various

He was primed with the letter-accounts; he made her dot her amorous I’s and cross her bawdry T’s.
Secret Memoirs: The Story of Louise, Crown Princess Henry W. Fischer

Thus, Brooks lumps 1601 with Mark Twain’s “bawdry,” and interprets it simply as another indication of frustration.
1601 Mark Twain

This will prove rare sport, to see how the poet’s genius will grapple with this bawdry!
A Select Collection of Old English Plays Robert Dodsley

He omitted a good deal of bawdry, especially in Act II, scene ii.
The City Bride (1696) Joseph Harris

(archaic) obscene talk or language

“obscenity,” late 14c., probably from Old French bauderie “boldness, ardor, elation, pride” (see bawd).


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