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Bay city

a lake port in E Michigan, near the mouth of the Saginaw River.
a town in SE Texas.
Contemporary Examples

Tonya Jone Miller, who describes herself as an “aural courtesan,” has run the Bay City Blues sex-line for nine years.
Sex, Suicide, and Homework: The Secret World of the Telephone Hotline Tim Teeman November 19, 2014

Historical Examples

That night in Bay City, when you took me in, I heard it very dim.
The Blazed Trail Stewart Edward White

Up at Bay City, you see, we don’t amount to much except in the summer time.
The Camp Fire Girls at the Seashore Jane L. Stewart

A 15-ton Bay City locomotive crane was also used along part of the open-cut work on 32d Street.
Transactions of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Vol. LXVIII, Sept. 1910 James H. Brace and Francis Mason

She invited Enid to accompany her, but the latter declined, saying that the trip to Bay City had tired her.
The Deserted Yacht Mildred A. Wirt, AKA Ann Wirt

Bay City suffered a loss of nearly all of its buildings and three were killed there.
The Complete Story of the Galveston Horror Various

The towns of Bay City and Saginaw alone in 1878 supported over fourteen hundred tough characters.
The Blazed Trail Stewart Edward White

Rex did not forget his promise to take Enid to her home at Bay City.
The Deserted Yacht Mildred A. Wirt, AKA Ann Wirt

A mile east of Ashland is Bay City, another place planned by speculators, but which probably might be purchased at a discount.
The Seat of Empire Charles Carleton Coffin

Mr. Morton purchased the land which covered a part of Bay City from the government.
Fifty Years In The Northwest William Henry Carman Folsom


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