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Bay rum

a fragrant liquid used chiefly as an aftershaving lotion, prepared by distilling the leaves of the tropical American bay, Pimenta racemosa, with rum or by mixing oil from the leaves with alcohol, water, and other oils.
Historical Examples

From one of these he bought two cases of bay rum, paying twenty cents a quart for it.
Adventures in Swaziland Owen Rowe O’Neil

It is a plot to drive me to bay rum and a monologueing, thumb-handed barber.
The Trimmed Lamp O. Henry

“But bay rum is five cents extra with a hair cut,” whispered the barber.
The Silly Syclopedia Noah Lott

bay rum six ounces, aromatic spirits of ammonia half an ounce, bergamot oil six drops.
Our Deportment John H. Young

There is one point on which you are independent: you will not have the bay rum; you are a teetotaller.
The Perfect Gentleman Ralph Bergengren

Take a pint of alcohol, half pint of bay rum, and half an ounce of spirits of ammonia, and one dram of salts tartar.
Our Deportment John H. Young

On Wednesday night the Wildcat soused himself with bay rum and musk.
Lady Luck Hugh Wiley

The refreshing perfume known as bay rum is prepared by distilling the leaves of this tree with rum.
Catalogue of Economic Plants in the Collection of the U. S. Department of Agriculture William Saunders

“But the bay rum is used only on the outside of the head,” said the barber.
The Silly Syclopedia Noah Lott

I never did see why bay rum smells so much better than drinkin rum.
The Heart of Canyon Pass Thomas K. Holmes

an aromatic liquid, used in medicines and cosmetics, originally obtained by distilling the leaves of the bayberry tree (Pimenta racemosa) with rum: now also synthesized from alcohol, water, and various oils
bay rum tree, another name for bayberry (sense 2)


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