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Bay state

Massachusetts (used as a nickname).
Contemporary Examples

The power the Bay State has wielded in Washington has really been through the Congress.
Wilson Sends Dukakis to DC? Dan Payne September 14, 2009

He had spent nearly 20 years covering politics in the Bay State, alternating between the Associated Press and the Boston Globe.
From Rick Stengel to David Axelrod, All of the President’s Journalists Ben Jacobs September 12, 2013

In the early 1990s, the Bay State adopted a set of smart, coherent standards and well-aligned state tests.
The Incredibly Stupid War on the Common Core Charles Upton Sahm April 20, 2014

To account for his moderate governing record, he reminded listeners that the Bay State legislature was “over 85 percent Democrat.”
Mormons Rock! Walter Kirn June 4, 2011

And last year, Mitt Romney—another former Bay State governor—took in more than 400 times Mr. or Mrs. Smith.
As Income Inequality Widens, Rich Presidential Candidates Dominate John Avlon July 12, 2012

Historical Examples

Addicks instructed the Bay State secretary, who was present, to connect with the trunk upon its arrival and disappear.
Frenzied Finance Thomas W. Lawson

Both of Bay State antecedents, their history is largely hers.
John Brown: A Retrospect Alfred Roe

The prices of Bay State stocks and bonds shot up; loan funds were offered freely and at lower rates of interest.
Frenzied Finance Thomas W. Lawson

My mother was from the Bay State, and brought me here when I was an infant.
Peter Parley’s Own Story Samuel G. Goodrich

The scenery throughout the region is rugged and attractive, a charming characteristic of the Bay State.
Ocean to Ocean on Horseback Willard Glazier


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