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bulletin board system


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  • Bbs

    Digital Technology. bulletin board system. See bulletin board (def 2). a size of shot, 0.18 inches (0.46 cm) in diameter, fired from an air rifle or BB gun. Also called BB shot. shot of this size. Contemporary Examples While Achebe stayed with the BBS, my father left to head up the relief effort. Our Living […]

  • Bbq

    barbecue. Contemporary Examples What a difference six weeks, 1,400 miles, and a healthy dose of sunshine, beer, and BBQ make. The Next Best Breakout Films Karina Longworth March 18, 2009 Restaurant For the best Korean BBQ in L.A., hidden hotspot Soot Bull Jeep is not to be missed. Fresh Picks The Daily Beast July 29, […]

  • Bbsrc

    abbreviation (in Britain) Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council

  • Bbt

    bbt basal body temperature

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