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Scuba Diving. buoyancy compensator.
British Columbia, Canada (approved for postal use).
Music. basso continuo.
blind copy: used as a notation on the carbon copy of a letter or other document sent to a third person without the addressee’s knowledge.
Also, bcc.
bills for collection.
Bachelor of Chemistry.
Bachelor of Commerce.
bass clarinet.
battery commander.
British Columbia.
before Christ (used in indicating dates).
Insurance. building and contents.
Contemporary Examples

Later, around 400 BC, they invented faloodeh: rice water, vermicelli, and ice mixed with saffron and/or fruit.
An Investigation Into the Delicious Origins of Ice Cream Andrew Romano July 12, 2014

Other private Catholic schools have expressed support for BC administrators.
Boston College Cracks Down on Condoms Lizzie Crocker April 2, 2013

Isaiah’s inspired discourses followed the invasion of Israel by the Assyrians in the eighth century, BC.
Columbus’ Forgotten Patron Mitchell Kaplan October 10, 2010

Built circa 2700 BC, it is the oldest freestanding mud-brick building in the world.
The Nile: Where Ancient and Modern Meet William O’Connor June 20, 2014

Having said that, it would be an error to pretend that Rome in 73 BC was the mirror image of the United States.
Rome’s Greatest Enemy Reconsidered Michael Korda July 13, 2010

Historical Examples

AB represents the path of light in the air and BC its path in the water.
A Text-Book of Precious Stones for Jewelers and the Gem-Loving Public Frank Bertram Wade

On measurement the air in (BC) will be found to have just one-half of its original volume.
Physics Willis Eugene Tower

Machine ab to BC, of the sole piece (fig. 2), open and press the seam.
Needlework Economies Various

If BC is, say, 40 ft., that will be the height of your “stick of timber.”
Getting Gold J. C. F. Johnson

If BC is, say 40 ft., that will be the height of your “stick of timber.”
Getting Gold J. C. F. Johnson

Also B.C.. (indicating years numbered back from the supposed year of the birth of Christ) before Christ: in 54 bc Caesar came Compare AD
British Columbia

abbreviation of Before Christ, in chronology, attested by 1823. The phrase itself, Before Christ, in dating, with exact years, is in use by 1660s.

An abbreviation used with dates of events that took place before the birth of Jesus. b.c. stands for before Christ. (Compare a.d.; see b.c.e.)

An arbitrary precision numeric processing language with C-like syntax. Traditionally implemented as a front-end to DC. There is a GNU version called GNU BC.
Unix manual page: bc(1).
blind copy
committed burst
Bachelor of Chemistry
because (shortwave transmission)
bias contrast
board certified
British Columbia
before Christ
Breeders Cup
bill for collection


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