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Be there

be there

verb phrase

To have the experience; learn firsthand: You have to be there to know what I mean/ I can tell you, because I’ve been there myself (1880s+)


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  • Be there for

    verb phrase be available to help or support someone in a difficult circumstance

  • Be there or be square

    be there or be square sentence One should attend an event or one will be considered an outsider: The party? Be there or be square!

  • Be there with bells on

    be there with bells on sentence An expression of happiness about being someplace; I am eager and happy to be here: I will be there with bells on

  • Bethink

    to think; consider (used reflexively): He bethought himself a moment. to remind (oneself): to bethink oneself of family obligations. to remember; recall (used reflexively): She lives in the past now, bethinking herself of happier days. to determine; resolve: Under the circumstances I could not otherwise bethink me. Archaic. to bear in mind; remember. Archaic. to […]

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