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Beach bunny

beach bunny

noun phrase

A girl who, whether or not a surfer, spends time with surfers; gremlin (1960s+)


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  • Beachcomber

    a person who lives by gathering salable articles of jetsam, refuse, etc., from beaches. a vagrant who lives on the seashore, especially a nonnative person living in such a way on a South Pacific island. a long wave rolling in from the ocean onto the beach. Historical Examples “Hold hard,” cried the beachcomber, when the […]

  • Beach crab

    any of various crabs that live on beaches, as the ghost crab.

  • Beach drift

    the drifting of sediments, especially marine sediments, in patterns parallel to the contours of a beach, due to the action of waves and currents.

  • Beach face

    the seaward section of a beach exposed to and shaped by the action of waves. Historical Examples The letter dropped from Roy’s grasp, and he flung himself down on the beach face foremost. His Big Opportunity Amy Le Feuvre

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