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an expanse of sand or pebbles along a shore.
the part of the shore of an ocean, sea, large river, lake, etc., washed by the tide or waves.
the area adjacent to a seashore:
We’re vacationing at the beach.
Nautical. to haul or run onto a beach:
We beached the ship to save it.
to make inoperative or unemployed.
Alfred Ely, 1826–96, U.S. editor, publisher, and inventor.
Amy Marcey Cheney [mahr-see] /ˈmɑr si/ (Show IPA), 1867–1944, U.S. composer and pianist.
Moses Yale, 1800–68, U.S. newspaper publisher.
Rex Ellingwood
[el-ing-woo d] /ˈɛl ɪŋˌwʊd/ (Show IPA), 1877–1949, U.S. novelist and short-story writer.
Sylvia Woodbridge, 1887–1962, U.S. bookseller and publisher in France.
Contemporary Examples

WATCH VIDEO of the 10 most creative ways Hollywood has destroyed the world, from On the beach to Wall-E.
Apocalypse Now: The 10 Best Ways Hollywood Destroyed the World Shannon Donnelly, The Daily Beast Video November 29, 2009

So all my pictures of Dominic on that trip are of him lying on the beach reading that book.
Ali Wentworth Gets Complicated Kevin Sessums December 21, 2009

Before 9/11, my Marine buddies and I would head off to the beach to party for the long weekend.
The Changing Face of Arlington Cemetery Joseph R. Chenelly May 28, 2011

Right then we switched to rock portage and charged back down the beach to get the IBS into the water.
Navy Seal Training: The Start of Hell Week Marcus Luttrell, Patrick Robinson May 7, 2011

But watching this from what I call my “bench on the beach” in Delaware I had been watching [Ebola coverage] all summer.
Meet America’s New Top Ebola Fighter Abby Haglage September 25, 2014

Historical Examples

There was a splashing and calling all night, and fires shining on the beach.
The Belted Seas Arthur Colton

They were left on the beach without any guard, or any one near them.
Ned Myers James Fenimore Cooper

Some went down towards the beach and shot with arrows at the Frenchmen.
The Virgin of the Sun H. R. Haggard

The children gathered round the curious object on the beach.
A Little Book of Profitable Tales Eugene Field

You haven’t been to a dance yet; you never go to the beach, you never motor or sail or golf.
The Firing Line Robert W. Chambers

an extensive area of sand or shingle sloping down to a sea or lake, esp the area between the high- and low-water marks on a seacoast related adjective littoral
to run or haul (a boat) onto a beach

1530s, “loose, water-worn pebbles of the seashore,” probably from Old English bæce, bece “stream,” from Proto-Germanic *bakiz. Extended to loose, pebbly shores (1590s), and in dialect around Sussex and Kent beach still has the meaning “pebbles worn by the waves.” French grève shows the same evolution. Beach ball first recorded 1940; beach bum first recorded 1950.

“to haul or run up on a beach,” 1840, from beach (n.). Related: Beached; beaching.
The area of accumulated sand, stone, or gravel deposited along a shore by the action of waves and tides. Beaches usually slope gently toward the body of water they border and have a concave shape. They extend landward from the low water line to the point where there is a distinct change in material (as in a line of vegetation) or in land features (as in a cliff).


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