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a large, light, buoyant ball, used especially for games at the seashore, swimming pools, etc.


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  • Beach berm

    berm (def 3).

  • Beachboy

    a male attendant or swimming instructor at a beach.

  • Beach buggy

    dune buggy. a small, lightweight, open automotive vehicle equipped with oversize, low-pressure tires for traveling along sand beaches, over dunes, etc. noun a low car, often open and with balloon tyres, for driving on sand Also called dune buggy noun phrase A small and squat open car, usually with a Volkswagen engine, equipped with very […]

  • Beach bum

    an idle person who habitually spends time on or near a beach. noun phrase A man who frequents beaches, esp one who is a surfer, who conspicuously shows his muscles, etc (1960s+)

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