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Beam mill

a rolling mill for roughing a bloom and rolling it into a shape.


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  • Beam-power tube

    a vacuum tube in which the stream of electrons flowing to the plate is focused by the action of a set of auxiliary, charged elements, giving an increase in output power.

  • Beam reach

    See under reach (def 27). to get to or get as far as in moving, going, traveling, etc.: The boat reached the shore. to come to or arrive at in some course of progress, action, etc.: Your letter never reached me. to succeed in touching or seizing with an outstretched hand, a pole, etc.: to […]

  • Beam riding

    noun a method of missile guidance in which the missile steers itself along the axis of a conically scanned microwave beam

  • Beam sea

    a sea striking the vessel at right angles to its keel. Historical Examples For the storm is rising, and a beam sea sends wave after wave against my ports. An Ocean Tramp William McFee From time to time it careened like a blunt-nosed barge in a beam sea. The Million Dollar Mystery Harold MacGrath Behind […]

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