Beam sea

a sea striking the vessel at right angles to its keel.
Historical Examples

For the storm is rising, and a beam sea sends wave after wave against my ports.
An Ocean Tramp William McFee

From time to time it careened like a blunt-nosed barge in a beam sea.
The Million Dollar Mystery Harold MacGrath

Behind us the locomotives smoke stack rolled like a steamers funnel when a 298 beam sea is running.
The Sea and the Jungle H. M. Tomlinson

A beam sea set in, and the ‘Moselle’ justified my conjectures about her.
The English in the West Indies James Anthony Froude

The ship did not behave well in a beam sea, for soon she shipped seas on either side, and she lost as much way as she made.
The Solomon Islands and Their Natives H. B. (Henry Brougham) Guppy

She had broached to with the stern sea on the beam, and the beam sea right ahead.
The Flying Bo’sun Arthur Mason

A low-sided boat when canted by a beam sea edges her rail under and shovels the water up on her deck as she recovers.
On Yachts and Yacht Handling Thomas Fleming Day

A southeast gale, a beam sea, and the tiny opening of the Jew’s Mouth was a bad combination to face in a black night.
Poor Man’s Rock Bertrand W. Sinclair

In this position, and with the gale blowing on the starboard quarter, her head would be thrown into the beam sea.
The Flying Bo’sun Arthur Mason

He was making heavy weather of his simple declaration, labouring like an old-fashioned square-rigger in a beam sea.
Nobody Louis Joseph Vance

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