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Bear garden

a place for keeping or exhibiting bears, especially (formerly) for bearbaiting.
a place or scene of tumult.
Historical Examples

The bear garden, always her favourite resort, had made her acquainted with all the divers and rumpads of the town.
A Book of Scoundrels Charles Whibley

The bear garden is not hyphenated when used in titles but is hyphenated within the text.
Lotus Buds Amy Carmichael

The world is complaining that the House was turned into a bear garden.
Lord Chatham Archibald Phillip Primrose Rosebery

A familiar instance of the last phase is to be seen at the bear garden, Banbury.
Edge Hill Edwin Walford

The history of the human race is the diary of a bear garden.
Painted Windows Harold Begbie

There were seats, at half a crown and upwards, for the quality; the neighbourhood of the bear garden was infested by thieves.
The Tatler, Volume 1, 1899 George A. Aitken

All she wants is to turn the place into a bear garden and spoil the whole election.
Lalage’s Lovers George A. Birmingham

Is it to turn the Senate into a bear garden, where Senators cannot associate on terms which ought to prevail between gentlemen?
American Eloquence, Volume III. (of 4) Various

The old bear garden was beginning to show signs of decay, and, doubtless, would soon have to be rebuilt.
Shakespearean Playhouses Joseph Quincy Adams

In 1613 the bear garden was torn down, and a new and handsomer structure erected in its place.
Shakespearean Playhouses Joseph Quincy Adams

(formerly) a place where bears were exhibited and where bear-baiting took place
a place or scene of tumult and disorder


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