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the act of beatifying.
the state of being beatified.
Roman Catholic Church. the official act of the pope whereby a deceased person is declared to be enjoying the happiness of heaven, and therefore a proper subject of religious honor and public cult in certain places.
Contemporary Examples

To that period belonged the provocation for my play The beatification of Area Boy.
A City Rejuvenates Wole Soyinka March 13, 2011

The speech itself—aimed directly at women and blatant in its beatification of moms—was solid.
Ann Romney: Mitt’s Secret Weapon Sputters Michelle Cottle August 28, 2012

More than a million followers came to Rome for the beatification, and many more are expected when he escalates to sainthood.
After Second Approved Miracle, Pope John Paul II Likely to Become a Saint Barbie Latza Nadeau July 4, 2013

Historical Examples

The decree for the introduction of the cause for the beatification and canonization of Joan of Arc has been signed at last.
Donahoe’s Magazine, Volume 15, No. 2, February 1886 Various

But if the beatification of the world is not a work of nature but a work of art, then it involves an artist.
Orthodoxy G. K. Chesterton

Four miracles are required to be distinctly proved for beatification; and two more for Canonization.
The Other World; or, Glimpses of the Supernatural (Vol. II of II) Various

But I could find it in my heart to regret the witch even now that I am on the eve of beatification.
Jessamine Marion Harland

His natural order was, at bottom, the beatification of that to which this equilibrium tended.
Political Thought in England from Locke to Bentham Harold J. Laski

To rightly know myself in my relationship, this, they say, is the only qualification for beatification.
India, Its Life and Thought John P. Jones

But the fellow was obviously out to recommend himself through this beatification, and to share the halo.
The Hall and the Grange Archibald Marshall


c.1500, “act of rendering blessed,” from Middle French béatification, noun of action and state from past participle stem of Late Latin beatificare (see beatify). As a papal declaration about the status of a deceased person, it dates from c.1600.


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