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a resort in N Wales, on the island of Anglesey: 13th-century castle. Pop: 1513 (2001)
Historical Examples

Between Conway and beaumaris he was forced to walk great part of the way, and the Countess was carried in a litter.
Coaching, with Anecdotes of the Road William Pitt Lennox

We crossed over by the ferry to beaumaris, in the island of Anglesea.
A Yacht Voyage Round England W.H.G. Kingston

“Well, I think you can depend on beaumaris,” said Waldershare, much interested.
Endymion Benjamin Disraeli

beaumaris is in Anglesey, so that they were to cross beaumaris Bay to the mainland.
George Fox George Fox

Not one of the most insignificant, perhaps, was the introduction into society of the Countess of beaumaris.
Endymion Benjamin Disraeli

It is larger than that of beaumaris, and less than that of Caernarvon.
Life Of Johnson, Volume 5 Boswell

Practically without trade and with no manufactures, beaumaris is principally noted as a bathing-place.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Slice 4 Various

One of the few breaks in this very uneventful life was a holiday spent with the other members of his family in beaumaris.
The Life and Letters of Lewis Carroll Stuart Dodgson Collingwood

Not many years ago, some volunteers at beaumaris swore they saw a mermaid there, and fired several shots at it.
Welsh Fairy-Tales And Other Stories Anonymous

Much of his talk was addressed really to beaumaris, whose mind he was forming, as well as that of Imogene.
Endymion Benjamin Disraeli


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