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Bed place

a space housing a bed or bedding, especially one having the form of a cupboard closed with doors or curtains.
Historical Examples

He whispered, his arms folded on the side of my bed place, staring through the open port.
The Secret Sharer Joseph Conrad

Then he filled up the bed place, between the poles, with dry leaves.
On the Irrawaddy G. A. Henty

When the doors were opened the bed place looked precisely like a berth on board ship.
Rollo in Holland Jacob Abbott

They laid him down in one of the little cabins—just a room for a bed place and a camp-stool or two, you know.
Heart of Darkness Joseph Conrad

She moved in her bed place and turning on her elbow stared at the door, listening.
Command William McFee

The woman did not get up or come to: she was just tossing on the bed place.
Fables for Children, Stories for Children, Natural Science Stories, Popular Education, Decembrists, Moral Tales Leo Tolstoy

A couch was to the left, the bed place to the right; my writing desk and the chronometers’ table faced the door.
The Secret Sharer Joseph Conrad

During the time he stayed on board he never quitted my side, and at the hour of rest he laid himself down near my bed place.
The Logbooks of the Lady Nelson Ida Lee

“That is the bed place upon which we shall carry your poor invalid wife out to the carriage,” said Walworth.
The Beautiful White Devil Guy Boothby

Turning from the bed place I was again attracted by the man’s sparkling ring.
The Pilots of Pomona Robert Leighton


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